The Beginnings of the Oil Industry

In the fourth century A.D., China began as the first country to drill oil. They developed a simple method to extract the oil from the ground. This method include using bamboo poles for drilling. They extracted the dark sticky material, then used it as their primary source of fuel. Centuries later, you could find oil and places all over Europe and Asia occasionally, you could find natural pools of oil accumulating above the ground. The […]

Is it a Gas or Vapor?

Many people hear the terms gas and vapor interchangeably. In their basic sense, the gas and vapor is the exact same thing. The only difference is that vapor is a word that can describe the gas that will become a liquid when at room temperature. There are a couple of examples of what liquids become a gas, mercury and water. These two compounds are a liquid when they are at room temperature, but when heated […]

The Basics of Gas

Gases are located everywhere around the world. In fact, the atmosphere around the earth is all enveloped by gas. When dealing with solids, you find that molecules and atoms are close together and compact. With the liquid, the atoms are a little further apart. However, gas molecules are spread out wide, constantly moving in many random ways, and very full of energy. That is what makes gas different than solids and liquids. There are many […]

The Basics of Oil

Without oil, our lives in America would be a lot different. Oil comes in many different forms, each with their own benefits. We have all heard that oil doesn’t mix with water, but did you know that over 19.5 billion barrels of crude oil are used in the United States each and every day? Now, that’s a lot of oil. Let’s see what other kinds of facts we can learn about oil. Back in the […]